4 Benefits of Doing a Social Media Audit from NetbaseQuid

Social media audits are a crucial piece of today’s digital marketing strategies. In 2022, it’s not enough to simply create branded content and shoot it off onto a social platform. Now, tools exist to help businesses and their marketing teams understand what does – and does not – work in their favor when posting to social media. The benefits of these audits extend beyond the standard sales increases, too. Here are some underrated benefits of conducting a social audit.

What Is a Social Media Audit?

Business owners and digital marketing specialists use social audits to evaluate and improve upon existing social media strategy. In doing this, businesses can increase reach, impressions, and sales. A social audit template typically includes the following:

  • Document and list all social media accounts associated with the business.
  • Ensure brand identity is consistent across all accounts.
  • Find and define top-performing content.
  • Understand each account/channel’s performance.
  • Identify core, key, and target audiences within each channel.
  • Use gleaned insights to update existing social media marketing strategy.

While some business owners choose to perform their own audits, working with a professional, like NetbaseQuid, has a variety of benefits. Using a professional service for a social audit ensures that you waste no time (or funds) getting the insights you need to propel your business into the future.

Top Benefits of an Audit

The goal of a social media audit is to increase sales and revenue, but there are a wide range of other benefits. Businesses who spend time or resources conducting a social audit should expect to experience any of the following benefits.

  1. Understand why your posts don’t convert. For certain businesses, like retailers and direct-to-consumer brands, web conversions are essential to company success. Social media should be seen, and used, as a conversion tool. A social audit will let you know whether you’re reaching your true sales potential.
  2. Generate new and exciting leads. Lead generation is an exciting new piece of the social media puzzle. An audit can help businesses understand who and how people are interacting with content, creating a new subset of potential customers.
  3. Bring customers through the sales funnel. Social media encompasses every step of the buyer’s journey, from brand discovery to conversion. For some businesses, though, that buyer gets lost along the way. Just as a planogram display can bring a shopper through a retail space, an audit can help identify where along that path a buyer loses interest. Then, using those insights, a business can bridge the gap and realize more sales.
  4. Better understand your place amongst competitors. Competition analyses are essential to business growth, but social media can feel like an unwinnable game. A social media audit will aim to understand how your competitors are leveraging their own social channels. That information can allow you to identify and target weaknesses and content gaps, thus attracting more customers.

How Can NetbaseQuid Help?

NetBaseQuid is an AI-powered consumer and market intelligence provider used by dozens of high-profile companies. If you’re looking for a partner to help jump-start your social media audit, this is the service for you.

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